Sarah's GIS Portfolio

Please take a look at some of my GIS work completed as part of my Advanced Diploma at Selkirk College!


Below is a selection of the projects that I have worked on this year at Selkirk College as part of my Advanced Diploma in GIS:

Please click on the link below to access my Story Map that was created for Internet Mapping (GIS325):; Below is a screen shot of one of the pages included, that incorporates data from my Remote Sensing final project (GIS307): Image_Lidar section webmap

The poster style ‘map’ below was created for GIS331 – Advanced Topics in GIS:


The poster below was created for GIS318 – Cartography and was presented during GIS Day in November 2017 at Selkirk College, Castlegar Campus.


This map below was created for GIS321 – New Media in GIS where we explored the use of an Air Mile Index to show different ways to symbolize and convey data.


Below is a selection of minor assignments from GIS321 – New Media:


For GIS325 – Internet Mapping we created Google Maps that we can embed using HTML code; below is the map that I created – try zooming around and clicking on the points!

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